Creating the Perfect Go-Kart Track

Professional Landscape designers at HML Landscape Construction and Maintenance are specialised in Edmonton landscaping to work on any canvas and convert it into a rich, diverse and dynamic landscape. They employ a design process that systematically considers all aspects of the land, the environment, the growing plants, and the needs of the user to ensure a visually pleasing, functional, and ecologically healthy landscape. Experienced contractors who have handled multiple residential and commercial Edmonton landscaping projects, HML offers its services for construction of fences, curbs, decks, stone and cobble walkways and driveways, rock gardens and have recently come up with creating the perfect go-kart tracks for racing.

Go-kart track landscaping

Kart racing requires race tracks or kart circuits to be well-designed and constructed for smooth racing competitions. HML delivers premium quality go-kart go kart track landscapingtracks of various types to Edmonton clients and their landscapers perform explicably from its planning and execution to its final design and completion.

The shape of the track, both in plan and vertical profile is dictated by variable factors that include the types of competition for which the course is intended, the terrain character, considerations of economics, aesthetics, tradition, etc. All kart circuits that are designed by them come with a professionally drawn out plan at a scale of 1:500, showing the track layout, surface contours, the racing direction, buildings, installation, access roads, race areas, thestarting grid loction, ambulance access and parking, the medical centre, pickup vehicles and of the Marshals’ posts, as well as a Paddock plan with the pit spaces and access ways.

Types of go-kart tracks designed by them include:

Outdoor circuits: They custom build long (more than 1500m) or short (1100-1200m) type of go-kart tracks that are designed to allow sprint racing of karts with or without gearbox.
Indoor circuits: Designed for casual racing in privately owned smaller areas for go-karting as a recreational activity which are suitable for racing with micro karts.

Go-karting can be dangerous as accidents are bound to happen. They ensure that the circut construction conforms to safety requirements, the prescriptions laid down by the Public Authorities are complied with and their official approval is obtained.

From rental go-kart racing in amusement parks to casual private backyard go-karting and professional go-karting competitions of trained racers, the adrenaline pumping motorsport is an exciting game for all. HML’s Edmonton landscaping is preferred by go-kart businesses for both indoor and outdoor go-kart circuit design and construction as they deliver professional fast and flowing kart tracks with unique landscaping that successfully blends geometric and naturalistic patterns.

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